The ultimate in duct-mounted air purification. Superior control of air-borne particles, organisms and gas.
The dual lamp OxyQuantum LED can reduce or eliminate mold, germs, viruses, bacteria and airborne toxic gasses from the indoor air your family breathes every day. This unit is a cost-effective solution to controlling infectious agents and toxic compounds.

The unit operates continuously at maximum efficiency which is about three times the ouput of competing single bulb systems. Completely silent, a properly installed OxyQuantum LED will prolong the life of all heating and cooling systems and provides Danger Level 2 and 3 control for cleaner, fresher and healthier air.

The OxyQuantum LED uses two bulbs: One 16" UVC Twin Bulb and One 5" UVV Bulb. These dual high output bulbs extend into the ductwork for maximum efficiency.
OxyQutanum LED
The patented UVV Chamber provides precise control of UVV output that can is easily adjustable by the homeowner. The OxyQuantum LED is certified by an Aeroqual Series 300 UVV Monitor to produce only safe and beneficial levels of UVV (O3).

The control zone of the OxyQuantum LED is intensified by using a patented twin lamp with triple high-output. Within this control area micro-organisms may either be killed or damaged from exposure to the UVC and UVV energy produced by the lamps. This will disturb their DNA (reproductive code) and inhibit them from reproducing and spreading disease or illness and substantially reducing the symptoms of allergies and asthma.
AnOxyQuantum LED is installed through sheet-metal in your duct work. All UVC and UVV   light  produced is safely con-tained within the ductwork.