The Ultimate in
Indoor Air Quality Solutions

The MicroGuardian Air Scrubber® III is an integrated IAQ "super system" that effectively controls all Three Danger Levels. (1) a special "V-bank" configuration of two MicroPower Guard air cleaners, (2) an integrated UVC light band and (3) an activated carbon cell, constantly re-energized by the focused UVC light band that controls toxic gases.

The MicroGuardian Air Scrubber III is the most cost effective product available from Nature's Home that provides superior indoor air quality performance for all three Danger Levels. Without decreasing air pressure, the two MicroPower Guard air cleaner filters provide HEPA-like quality air purification to control submicron allergenic particles. These filters are especially effective against pet dander, pollen, tobacco smoke, mold, mildew, fungus and dust mites.

The picture shows the UVC light beneath a black cover. The UVC light shines on the moving air as it travels through the V-bank filters. This kills or disables most mold, bacteria, fungus and spores. 

The cabinet fits into your existing ductwork. The single tube UVC
light is replaced by removing it from the side. Replacing the MicroGuardian filter media is required every four months, depending upon your household requirements.